“Painting Not Painting” in Baltimore

Sharon Butler, Good Morning Drawing, 2017, .

Contributed by Sharon Butler /  “Painting Not Painting” is an exhibition at , the project space run by and  in Baltimore. Artists include Paolo Arao, Rush Baker, Sharon Butler, Dan Devening, Phaan Howng, Sabina Ott + Kelly Lloyd, and Jo Smail.

From the press release:

The artists participating in Project 8 are all artists who have worked with abstraction as a significant component in their work.  True to our commitment to research and experimentation, we asked each artist to make or show something outside of their known or typical work.

| ‘sindikit | is a project space created to support experimental work; to promote practice-based research; and to foster art-centered conversations.

Paolo Arao
Jo Smail created an installation of fabrics, enlargements of press clippings, and small canvases.
Rush Baker
Collaborative project by Sabina Ott and Kelly Lloyd. Visitors are invited to trade an object for one of their handmade ceramic pots.
Phaan Howng
Dan Devening
I loved the way Tim and Zoë displayed my digital drawings, which were made on the phone to be viewed on  They made a slide show, which they loaded onto a mini iPad, mounted it on a metal bracket and displayed it on a traditional white pedestal. 

“Painting Not Painting,” curated by Tim Doud and Zoë Charlton.  July 21 through August 26, 2017.

, 2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

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  1. Wish I could be there, but, in the meantime, I forwarded the info to my extended family in D.C. and artist friends in Baltimore. Have fun, Sharon.

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