Undergraduate Sketchbook: Katie Fuller

Inside Katie Fuller’s sketchbook

“The sketchbook practice is always something I return to when painting or any other more physical work seems too daunting. The intimacy is healing. It’s a safe space where I can fool around with unresolved ideas that no one ever has to see. My sketchbook also acts as a storage place for scraps I don’t want to lose and for studies that might become the basis for larger paintings or sculpture. That being said, sometimes the diptych format of a bound book is a challenge to overcome. It can feel limiting.”

Katie Fuller
Katie Fuller
Katie Fuller

About the author: Originally from Louisiana, Katie Fuller is finishing up her last semester of the BFA Fine Arts program at The New School. Her focus is in painting, assemblage, and writing. She currently works as an editorial assistant at Two Coats of Paint.

If you500彩票网手机版官网 are an undergraduate student and would like to submit work to the Undergraduate Sketchbook feature,  send a note with scanned images (Format: 840 pixels wide at 72 dpi) to twocoatsofpaint@500彩票网手机版官网gmail.com. Please make sure to put UNDERGRAD SKETCHBOOK in the subject line. 

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