Two Coats of Paint artist-in-residence: Craig Stockwell

Work in progress in Craig Stockwell’s New Hampshire studio.

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Noted New Hampshire painter   will be , Craig is no stranger to DUMBO, and we’re looking forward to having him back for the week. In 2016-17, his work  was selected for the prestigious  as well as the Northeast edition of . After an uncharacteristic embrace of  in 2017, Craig has returned to an abstract idiom featuring geometric form. In his handsome new work, Craig continues an ongoing conversation about the language of painting.

Craig Stockwell, Winter, 2018, oil on linen 42×42 inches
Craig Stockwell at work in New Hampshire.
Craig Stockwell, oil on canvas, 42 x 42 inches

“I work with a serial/conceptual process in order to base the painting on something that I can return to repeatedly and keep it going.” Craig writes. “For me, the purpose of painting is to elicit exchange: ideas, objects, installation, writing, teaching, talking. The purpose of exchange is to counter hoarding.”

Please join us for an  on Wednesday, May 9, 6-8 pm, to meet the artist and see his handsome new paintings.

DETAILS:, artist-in-residence at Two Coats of Paint, #454, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. May 6 through May 12.

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