Two Coats of Paint Social Media

Two Coats of Paint Social Media 500彩票网手机版官网

Beginning in 2020, Two Coats of Paint is offering customized social media services to artists, galleries, arts organizations, and collectors who want to be part of the social media conversation but don’t have the know-how, time, or energy to do it themselves. With over ten years social media experience and broad knowledge of the art community, we will be offering affordable packages that include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat services. Send us you500彩票网手机版官网r images each month, and we will do the rest. 500彩票网手机版官网 include image optimizing, account set-up and maintenance, fan-base and community building, and more.

For more information and pricing, please email Sharon Butler at  twocoatsofpaint@500彩票网手机版官网 Please put SOCIAL in the subject bar. Let us know who you500彩票网手机版官网 are and what you500彩票网手机版官网 think you500彩票网手机版官网 need.